Student Cluster Competitors Thrive Despite Unforeseen Obstacles

Cliff hangers aren’t just the stuff of fiction and movies. Participants in the SC Student Cluster competition faced several real life glitches prior to and during the event in Dallas, Texas last year. Those challenges included sponsors who withdrew or didn’t show up and the failure of technology in the midst of the competition. But as you’ll hear in the following video, the students did not give up and were rewarded for their perseverance. This video features students from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, the University of Warsaw in Poland, and Telkom University in Indonesia. Although the students speak in their native languages, the video includes English subtitles.

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Christine Baissac-Hayden, SC19 Students@SC Communications Liaison (Easy English 4 All)

Christine Baissac-Hayden created Easy English 4 All, which provides multilingual communication tools for clients from diverse backgrounds in the renewable energy, medical, defense, marine science, and film industries. Easy English 4 All provides English as a Second Language (ESL), French, Spanish and Japanese tutoring from certified native-speaking teachers and organizes international student exchanges with personalized objectives and goals.

Rich Finlinson, APR, SCinet Communications Co-Chair

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