Birds of a Feather
Ask.CI, the Q&A Platform for Research Computing - Recent Developments
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Birds of a Feather
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TimeTuesday, 19 November 201912:15pm - 1:15pm
DescriptionLaunched in 2018, Ask.CI aggregates answers to a broad spectrum of questions that are commonly asked by the research computing community, creating a shared, archived, publicly-searchable knowledge base.

Establishing a Q&A site of this nature requires some tenacity. While Ask.CI has gained traction in the year since its launch, attracting nearly 150,000 page views, hundreds of contributors, and worldwide participation, we are always seeking ways to grow our audience. We recently introduced "locales", institution-specific subcategories where institutions/communities of practice can post FAQs relevant to their constituents. Participants in the Locales pilot will share experiences and future plans at the BoF.
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