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Dynamic Analysis and Debugging Techniques for HPC Applications
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TimeThursday, 21 November 201911am - 11:30am
DescriptionDebugging and dynamically analyzing HPC applications requires a tool designed to meet the demands of today’s highly complex HPC applications. It must handle applications making extensive use of C++ templates and the STL, many shared libraries, optimized code, code leveraging GPU accelerators, and applications constructed with multiple languages.

This interactive session highlights the different dynamic analysis and debugging technologies provided by the TotalView HPC debugger. We’ll show how easy it is to incorporate these techniques into your daily routine, so you can easily understand complex code and quickly solve difficult problems. You will learn how to:

* Leverage reverse debugging technology to replay how your program ran
* See a unified view across applications that utilize Python and C++
* Debug CUDA applications
* Find memory leaks in your HPC codes

Implementing these techniques along with TotalView, will help you find bugs and improve the quality of your code.
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