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400GE Technology and Research Network
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Exhibitor Forum
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TimeWednesday, 20 November 201910:30am - 11am
Description400GE networking is here. Networking devices and optics are readily available, and 400GE is gaining momentum in cloud scale data center. HigherEd/Research institutions are interested in building in non-hindered research network within many campus buildings. The session/forum will discuss the basics of 400GE including market trend and technology (I.e. how many fiber pairs I would need). The session will discuss 400GE campus network design both using Layer 1 optical device such as DWDM and without. The session will discuss ScienceDMZ architecture in 400GE with large buffer placement and FW bypass. The session will also cover 400GE as HPC cluster as it can provide exceptionally low oversubscription ratio among leaf and spine network topology. Lastly, the session will discuss Netflow type of advantage in Ethernet/IP on HPC fabric.
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