HPC Impact Showcase
Open New Horizons for Oil and Gas with Total's PANGEA III System
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HPC Impact Showcase
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TimeThursday, 21 November 20192pm - 2:30pm
DescriptionOil and Gas industry is continuously challenged to increase its hydrocarbon production in response to the growing demand for energy. Finding new oil and gas fields has become more challenging as resources are no longer easily accessible with an increase of geological complexity and environmental constraints. High-resolution and reliable subsurface imaging is getting more and more key for any oil and gas company to reduce the risk of seismic exploration, as well as estimating extractable hydrocarbon volumes. Since seismic imaging of complex geological structures requires extremely compute intensive algorithms and huge amount of data storage, HPC has a critical role in the process of seismic exploration, even more now with the emergence of promising AI algorithms. Therefore, Oil and Gas companies have often been pioneers in giant HPC cluster installation and will continue to dominate the industrial supercomputer market. For the new generation of systems, disruptive accelerated technology brings the mandatory computing power to be able to run higher resolution algorithms and to process richer data coming from the seismic acquisition, while reducing simulation times and energy costs. To tackle its technical and business challenges, including the integration of AI solutions, Total installed one of the most powerful supercomputers based on IBM Power9 and NVIDIA GPU technologies, called PANGEA III. In this presentation, we outline HPC key role in exploration and explain the choice of this new technology and how the solution matters in term of simulation and businesses improvement, as well as HPC application engineering and innovations.
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