HPC Impact Showcase
The Paradigm Shifts in Offshore Engineering that HPC Is Bringing In
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HPC Impact Showcase
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TimeThursday, 21 November 20194pm - 4:30pm
DescriptionWith the advancements in HPC, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is rapidly widening its territory in offshore engineering applications. There are speculations that the CFD simulation will eventually take over most of the role of the routine physical model tests in the offshore platform design.

HPC also made it possible to simulate the global and structural responses of the offshore platforms during their whole service life, typically longer than 20 years, including extreme events such as hurricane and loop current.

TechnipFMC Genesis has been working closely with operators to develop engineering solutions based on the HPC-based simulation that can be used during offshore projects. The new HPC-based engineering solutions provides more safe and economic design of offshore structures than the conventional design approaches relying on empirical engineering analysis and physical model tests. The technology status and expected timelines of transition from conventional to HPC-based design approach will be reviewed. Also presented will be the areas where HPC-based CFD simulations can provide solutions beyond the limit of the physical model tests.
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