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Poster 62: Emulating Multi-Pattern Quantum Grover’s Search on a High-Performance Reconfigurable Computer
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Research Posters
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TimeThursday, 21 November 20198:30am - 5pm
LocationE Concourse
DescriptionGrover's search(GS) is a widely studied quantum algorithm that can be employed for both single and multi-pattern search problems and potentially provides quadratic speedup over existing classical search algorithms. In this paper, we propose a multi-pattern quantum search methodology based on a modified GS quantum circuit. The proposed method combines classical post-processing permutations with a modified Grover's circuit to efficiently search for given single/multiple input patterns. Our proposed methodology reduces quantum circuit complexity, realizes space-efficient emulation hardware and improves overall system configurability for dynamic, multi-pattern search. We use a high-performance reconfigurable computer to emulate multi-pattern GS(MGS) and present scalable emulation architectures of a complete multi-pattern search system. We validate the system and provide analysis of experimental results in terms of FPGA resource utilization and emulation time. Our results include a successful hardware architecture that is capable of emulating MGS algorithm up to 32 fully-entangled quantum bits on a single FPGA.
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