Sixth SC Workshop on Best Practices for HPC Training and Education
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TimeSunday, 17 November 20199am - 9:20am
DescriptionHigh-performance computing has become central for empowering scientific progress in the most fundamental research in various academic and business domains. It is remarkable to observe that the rapid advancement in the mainstream computing technology has facilitated the ability to solve complex, large-scale scientific applications that perform advanced simulations of the implementation of various numerical models pertaining to diverse fields. However, the inherent wide distribution, heterogeneity, and dynamism of the current and emerging computing and software environments increasingly challenge cyberinfrastructure facilitators, trainers and educators. The challenge is how to support and train the diverse current users and prepare the future educators, researchers, developers and policymakers to keep pace with the rapidly evolving HPC environments to advance discovery and economic competitiveness for many generations.

Since 2014, the Best Practices for HPC Training Workshop at SC has been successful in creating a global platform for addressing common challenges for enhancing HPC training and education and for numerous sharing and collaborating opportunities across the globe. The sixth annual full-day workshop on HPC training and education is an ACM SIGHPC Education Chapter coordinated effort, aimed at fostering more collaborations among the practitioners from traditional and emerging fields to explore educational needs in HPC, to develop and deploy HPC training, and to identify new challenges and opportunities for latest HPC platforms. The workshop will also be a platform for disseminating results and lessons learned in these areas and will be captured in a Special Edition of the Journal of Computational Science Education.
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