Massively Parallel Large-Scale Multi-Model Simulation of Tumor Development including Treatments
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Computational Biology
Programming Systems
TimeSunday, 17 November 20194:15pm - 4:30pm
DescriptionThe temporal and spatial resolution in the microscopy of tissues has increased significantly within the last years, yielding new insights into the dynamics of tissue development and the role of the single-cell within it. A thorough theoretical description of the connection of single-cell processes to macroscopic tissue reorganizations is still lacking. Especially in tumor development, single cells play a crucial role in advance of tumor properties. We developed a simulation framework that can model tissue development up to the centimeter scale with micrometer resolution of single cells. Through a full parallelization, it enables the efficient use of high-performance computing systems, therefore enabling detailed simulations on a large scale. We developed a generalized tumor model that respects adhesion driven cell migration, cell-to-cell signaling, and mutation-driven tumor heterogeneity. We scan the response of the tumor development depending on division inhibiting substances such as cytostatic agents. Furthermore, we are investigating the interaction with radiation therapy to find a suitable therapy plan.
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