HiperJobViz: Visualizing Resource Allocations in High-Performance Computing Center via Multivariate Health-Status Data
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Big Data
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TimeFriday, 22 November 20199:45am - 10am
DescriptionScheduling, visualizing, and balancing resource allocations in High-Performance Computing Centers are complicated tasks due to a large amount of data and the dynamic natures of the resource allocation problem. This paper introduces HiperJobViz, a visual analytic tool for visualizing the resource allocations of data centers for jobs, users, and usage statistics. The goals of this tool are: 1) to provide an overview of the current resource usages, 2) to track changes of resource usages by users, jobs, and hosts and 3) to provide a detailed view of the resource usage via multi-dimensional representation of health metrics, such as CPU temperatures, memory usage, and power consumption. To support these goals, our visual analytics tool provides a full range of interactive features, including details on demands, brushing and links, and filtering.
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