Denis Caromel has been working for more than 20 years as a researcher in parallel, concurrent and distributed programming, and cloud computing, for Inria. He has a PhD and an MBA from HEC Business School. He has written numerous research papers and books, and directed PhD students. Denis acted as keynote speaker at several major conferences (MDM, DAPSYS, CGW, Shanghai CCGrid 2009, IEEE ICCP'09, ICPADS 2009 Hong Kong, Devoxx Paris, Open Stack Summit Santa Clara), and as invited conference speaker on Clouds at Expo Universal in Shanghai. At Inria, Denis was leading a 45 person team. Denis is an entrepreneur and worked during 2 years in the United States in a startup company in California. He co-founded Activeeon in 2007 together with his team as a spinoff of Inria in Sophia-Antipolis, creating synergies between the Inria 45-persons R&D team and the startup. Since 2011, he is Activeeon CEO.
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