Evan is a key member of the EMSL team designing, deploying and running a 3.4 Peta-flop Supercomputer that placed #13 on the systems list, named Cascade. Evan has been involved in deploying and running Chinook(#21, Nov 2008), and mpp2(#5, Nov 2003) . Evan is a primary contact for the large file systems in EMSL on these clusters and scientific data archives over the last 10 years.

Evan has written many software packages that help the EMSL MSC team provide world-class performance and monitoring to the users of the MSC. These include CView, Master, NWPerf, and many changes to various open source projects, such as lustre, ceph, xcat, and collectd.

Evan is part of the DOE Fast Forward Storage review team, working with Intel, HDF5, and EMS on developing new file system abstractions for exa-scale sized systems that are expected to arrive in the coming years.

Prior to coming to EMSL, Evan worked as a Firmware and Software engineer at Hewlett Packard developing Hardware RAID systems.
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