SC19 Proceedings

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Poster 129: Understanding I/O Behavior in Scientific Workflows on High Performance Computing Systems

Authors: Fahim Tahmid Chowdhury (Florida State University, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Francesco Di Natale (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Adam Moody (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Elsa Gonsiorowski (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Kathryn Mohror (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Weikuan Yu (Florida State University)

Abstract: Leadership high performance computing (HPC) systems have the capability to execute workflows of scientific, research or industry applications. Complex HPC workflows can have significant data transfer and I/O requirements. Heterogeneous storage systems in supercomputers equipped with bleeding-edge non-volatile persistent storage devices can be leveraged to handle these data transfer and I/O requirements efficiently.

In this poster, we describe our efforts to extract the I/O characteristics of various HPC workflows and develop strategies to improve I/O performance by leveraging heterogeneous storage systems. We have implemented an emulator to mimic different types of I/O requirements posed by HPC application workflows. We have analyzed the workflow of Cancer Moonshot Pilot 2 (CMP2) project to determine possible I/O inefficiencies. To date, we have performed a systematic characterization and evaluation on the workloads generated by the workflow emulator and a small scale adaptation of the CMP2 workflow.

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