SC19 Proceedings

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Toward Multi-Precision, Multi-Format Numerics

Workshop: Toward Multi-Precision, Multi-Format Numerics

Abstract: Recent research has provided new, domain-specific number systems that accelerate modern workloads. Using these number systems effectively requires analyzing subtle multi-format, multi-precision (MPMF) code. Ideally, recent programming tools that automate numerical analysis tasks could help make MPMF programs both accurate and fast. However, three key challenges must be addressed: existing automated tools are difficult to compose due to subtle incompatibilities; there is no "gold standard" for correct MPMF execution; and no methodology exists for generalizing existing, IEEE-754-specialized tools to support MPMF. In this paper we report on recent work towards mitigating these related challenges. First, we extend the FPBench standard to support multi-precision, multi-format (MPMF) applications. Second, we present Titanic, a tool which provides reference results for arbitrary MPMF computations. Third, we describe our experience adapting an existing numerical tool to support MPMF programs.

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