SC19 Proceedings

ACM Student Research Competition Posters

  1. Poster 1: Early Experiences on OpenPOWER Architecture: Analysis of Billion-Scale Atomistic Datasets. Yuya Kawakami (Grinnell College, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

  2. Poster 2: An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Dominator Detection. Daniel Giger (University of Massachusetts, Lowell)

  3. Poster 3: A Deep Learning Approach to Noise Prediction and Circuit Optimization for Near-Term Quantum Devices. Alexander Zlokapa (California Institute of Technology)

  4. Poster 5: Evaluating Lossy Compressors for Inline Compression. Donald T. Elmore (Clemson University)

  5. Poster 6: Analyzing the Performance of ZFP Compressed Arrays on HPC Kernels. Pavlo D. Triantafyllides (Clemson University)

  6. Poster 7: Hearing Single- and Multi-Threaded Program Behavior. Mark Wissink (Calvin University)

  7. Poster 8: Mitigating Communication Bottlenecks in MPI-Based Distributed Learning. Abdullah B. Nauman (Ward Melville High School, Brookhaven National Laboratory)

  8. Poster 9: Machine Specific Symbolic Code Generation. Robert King (University of Utah)

  9. Poster 10: Learning Page Access Patterns for Algorithms Programmed with GPU UVM. Bennett Cooper (Clemson University)

  10. Poster 11: Walking the Cost-Accuracy Tightrope: Balancing Trade-Offs in Data-Intensive Genomics. Kathryn Leung (Princeton University)

  11. Poster 12: Investigating Input Sensitivity in GPU Graph Analytics with Machine Learning. Jacob M. Hope (Texas State University)

  12. Poster 13: Scalable Load-Balancing Concurrent Queues on Many-Core Architectures. Caleb Lehman (Ohio State University)

  13. Poster 14: Data Reuse Analysis for GPU Offloading Using OpenMP. Alok Mishra (Stony Brook University, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

  14. Poster 15: Cost-Aware Cloudlet Placement in Edge Computing Systems. Dixit Bhatta (University of Delaware)

  15. Poster 16: perf-taint: Taint Analysis for Automatic Many-Parameter Performance Modeling. Marcin Copik (ETH Zurich)

  16. Poster 17: Exploiting Multi-Resource Scheduling for HPC. Yuping Fan (Illinois Institute of Technology)

  17. Poster 18: Using Non Volatile Memories to Build Energy- and Cost-Efficient Clusters. Onkar Patil (North Carolina State University)

  18. Poster 19: Accelerating Real-World Stencil Computations Using Temporal Blocking: Handling Sparse Sources and Receivers. George Bisbas (Imperial College, London)

  19. Poster 20: From IoT to Cloud: Research Platform for IoT/Cloud Experiments. Jinfeng Lin (University of Notre Dame)

  20. Poster 21: Optimization of GPU Kernels for Sparse Matrix Computations in Hypre. Chaoyu Zhang (Arkansas State University)

  21. Poster 22: Fast Profiling-Based Performance Modeling of Distributed GPU Applications. Jaemin Choi (University of Illinois, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

  22. Poster 23: PERQ: Fair and Efficient Power Management of Power-Constrained Large-Scale Computing Systems. Tirthak Patel (Northeastern University)

  23. Poster 24: Fingerprinting Anomalous Computation with RNN for GPU-Accelerated HPC Machines. Pengfei Zou (Clemson University)

  24. Poster 25: Leveraging Smart Data Transfer and Metadirective in Adaptive Computing. Anjia Wang (University of North Carolina, Charlotte; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

  25. Poster 26: Neural Networks for the Benchmarking of Detection Algorithms. Silvia Miramontes (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; University of California, Berkeley)

  26. Poster 27: A Framework for Measuring Hardware Gather-Scatter Support. Patrick Lavin (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  27. Poster 28: A Framework for Resilient and Energy-Efficient Computing in GPU-Accelerated Systems. Zheng Miao (Clemson University)

  28. Poster 29: Optimal Routing for a Family of Scalable Interconnection Networks. Zhipeng Xu (Stony Brook University; Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China)

  29. Poster 30: A Fast and Efficient Incremental Approach toward Dynamic Community Detection. Neda Zarayeneh (Washington State University)

  30. Poster 31: Designing High-Performance Erasure Coding Schemes for Next-Generation Storage Systems. Haiyang Shi (Ohio State University)

  31. Poster 32: OSU INAM: A Profiling and Visualization Tool for Scalable and In-Depth Analysis of High-Performance GPU-Enabled HPC Clusters​. Pouya Kousha (Ohio State University)

  32. Poster 33: Enhancing Neural Architecture Search with Speciation and Inter-Epoch Crossover. Matthew E. Baughman (University of Chicago)

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