Real-Time Analysis of Streaming Synchrotron Data Technology Challenge Demo May Impact Electronics and Pharmaceuticals

Advanced Photon Source Facility
Experiments at the Advanced Photon Source Facility at Argonne National Laboratory may benefit from SCinet’s high-performance networking and visualization demo at SC19.


Technology Challenge Is New for SC19

Whether it’s the battery in your smartphone, or a prescription in your medicine cabinet, the SC19 Technology Challenge involves large scale research that may impact your daily life. Examples include increasingly complex experiments using the Advanced Photon Source Facility (APS) generating huge amounts of data that may exceed the processing capacity of nearby resources.

Of the three Technology Challenge demonstrations, one will use SCinet to facilitate real-time analysis of streaming data, similar to the APS light source that provides deep insights into matter to uncover its fundamental structure and nature. To obtain such insights the massive data generated has to be sent to different sites for analysis.

The demonstration will stream simulated experimental data from the StarLight booth in Denver to the Chicago area’s Argonne Leadership Compute Facility (ALCF) for real-time image reconstruction. The reconstructed image data will then be de-noised and enhanced using machine learning techniques and streamed back to StarLight booth for 2D or 3D volume visualization.

The demo may have ramifications for faster research on everything from batteries, microcircuits, and engines to nanotechnologies and pharmaceuticals, and is a collaboration of the Argonne National Laboratory, Northwestern University, StarLight, Northern Illinois University, University of Chicago, and the Metropolitan Research and Education Network (MREN).


See All Three Demos Live

See Technology Challenge presentations on Tuesday, November 19 at 10:30 am. 11:30 am, and 1 pm. Attend the Recognition Ceremony on Thursday at November 21 at 10:30 am. All events will be held at the SC Theatre adjacent to the SCinet Help Desk.



Rich Finlinson, APR, SCinet Communications Co-Chair

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Rich is an associate director of Utah Education and Telehealth Network and author of “How to Capture Ideas and Create Compelling Content: An A-to-Z Approach.”

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