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UCit* is a new kind of HPC Solution Provider. At UCit we do focus on usage rather than technology itself. We firmly believe that scientists, engineers, analysts should not spend their time trying to understand how infrastructure works nor trying to fix it. We know that more than ever, they need to collaborate – share and access data across HPC resources which are distributed across organisations and geographies. We understand that flexibility and ease-of-use is critical to support their evolving requirements from Machine Learning and Decision Making to traditional HPC workloads. We acknowledge that Computer Science is a Science and Exascale (or more…) is a critical resource needed to support the most important challenge humanity is facing. Simultaneously, at a smaller scale we will continue to act to democratize HPC through a true move towards HPC-as-a-Service. UCit helps public and private organisations of all sizes to access and use seamlessly HPC resources on-premises, on HPC Centers or on public clouds. - We develop data-analysis (Analyze-IT) and machine learning(Predict-IT) software tools to understand how to optimize on-premises HPC usage. - We enable HPC-as-a-Service to integrate Batch and Interactive workloads and to secure access to data and applications. - We understand which workload can effectively move to public cloud, at which cost through our WorkCloud methodology, we prototype and run it in production. We work towards the development of an “HPC Wind Tunnel” to enable the creation of such services. Our approach is European and Collaborative. We look forward to future opportunities to work on projects together *Pronounce “You See it!!”
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