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The Next Frontier and New Summit for Precision Medicine
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TimeThursday, 21 November 201911:30am - 12pm
DescriptionFrom the world's fastest genomics pipeline to the largest variant database, we will share our latest advancements focusing on key capabilities that makes genomics platform faster, easier to use, more cost-efficient and collaborative: 1) "autonomous pipeline": end-to-end automation of genomics workflow; 2) "radar on data": metadata tagging and provenance tracking for ocean of data from biomedical research; 3) hybrid multicloud deployment: orchestration of workloads leveraging containers and cloud 4) self-service App Hub: graphical user interface for applications and platforms.

We will also showcase respective prototypes for full GATK pipeline, automated PHI detector and a cloud-enabled RNAseq pipeline. Join us and learn about the underlying reference architecture for high performance data and AI which was used to construct Summit - IBM's world-class supercomputer - and how it can also be implemented on a much smaller system to power any lab, department or institution to support the next frontier of precision medicine.
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