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Arm Architecture in HPC
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TimeWednesday, 20 November 20192pm - 2:30pm
DescriptionArm growing in HPC

You have likely heard of Arm-based systems such as Sandia National Lab’s Astra (by HPE) or the Riken Computer Center’s Fugaku (a.k.a. Post-K by Fujitsu) in Japan, and a number of systems in the UK and EU (by Atos, HPE & Cray). Arm systems are starting to arrive, and the experience has been quite positive.

In addition, the HPC community is looking for ways to continue growth in performance. With the race to exascale and a focus on efficiency, several Arm systems offer a variety of solutions that will scale both up and down.

Arm is changing up the business model for server (HPC/Cloud/Data Center) resulting in more choice of architectural features, better efficiency, and the ability for new entrants to drive innovation in silicon design.

Come and learn the latest about this exciting new technology.
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