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CCIX: Simplifying Development for Seamless Acceleration For Heterogeneous Compute Systems
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TimeWednesday, 20 November 20194pm - 4:30pm
DescriptionThe CCIX Consortium continues to move forward as the industry’s leading cache coherent chip-to-chip interconnect standard. CCIX Consortium members have delivered a growing list of CCIX-enabled platforms to solve the high-bandwidth, low latency and seamless acceleration needs of heterogeneous compute systems.

With the CCIX production specification, ecosystem, and hardware in place, the focus is shifting to software development and workload analysis to optimize and simplify how heterogeneous systems are architected, leading to the deployment of production systems.

In this session, CCIX Consortium members will explain how, through the CCIX interconnect, accelerators can act as co-processors to host, sharing data structures seamlessly with reduced data transfer latency. The presentation discusses two use cases, 1) memory expansion model over CCIX and 2) storage with compute offload, and details the programming model for realizing the potential of CCIX interconnect.
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