HPC Impact Showcase
Modeling Rotary Atomization for Material and Process Improvements
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HPC Impact Showcase
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TimeThursday, 21 November 20193:30pm - 4pm
DescriptionThe U.S. automotive industry spray-applied over 60 million gallons of paint in 2014. Much of this paint is applied by an electrostatic rotary bell atomizer. Commonly used bells are capable of applying paint at 20% higher throughput compared to traditional gun atomizers. In these systems, desirable atomization, which controls paint appearance and the frequency of defects such as solvent pop and paint sag, suffers when fluid delivery is increased. To improve on this performance, new fundamental understanding of the relationships between fluid material properties, the atomization process, and the quality and performance of the resulting sprays is needed.

In a U.S Department of Energy HPC4Mfg collaboration between PPG and LBNL, we are developing computational models to explore paint behavior during rotary bell atomization as a function of paint fluid properties. In this collaborative effort, coating and experimental know-how within PPG are being combined with numerical modelling expertise and supercomputing capabilities at LBNL to advance understanding in this high value space. With this information, new coatings that atomize well at higher flow rates can be developed to increase productivity and ultimately reduce booth size. These improvements can deliver significant energy savings and enhance manufacturing competitiveness.
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