Data-Aware and Simulation-Driven Planning of Scientific Workflows on IaaS Clouds
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Extreme Scale Computing
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TimeSunday, 17 November 201912pm - 12:15pm
DescriptionThe promise of an easy access to a virtually unlimited number of resources makes Infrastructure as a Service Clouds a good candidate for the execution of data-intensive workflow applications composed of hundreds of computational tasks. Thanks to a careful execution planning, Workflow Management Systems can build a tailored compute infrastructure by combining a set of virtual machine instances. However, these applications usually rely on files to handle dependencies between tasks. A storage space shared by all virtual machines may become a bottleneck and badly impact the application execution time.

In this paper, we propose an original data-aware planning algorithm that leverages two characteristics of a family of virtual machines instances, i.e., a large number of cores and a dedicated storage space on fast SSD drives, to improve data locality, hence reducing the amount of data transfers over the network during the execution of a workflow. We also propose a simulation-driven approach to solve a cost-performance optimization problem and correctly dimension the virtual infrastructure onto which execute a given workflow. Experiments conducted with real application workflows show the benefits of the presented algorithms. The data-aware planning leads to a clear reduction of both execution time and volume of data transferred over the network while the simulation-driven approach allows us to dimension the infrastructure in a reasonable time.
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