Panel: Convergence, Divergence, or New Approaches? - The Future of Software-Based Abstractions for Heterogeneous Supercomputing
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Parallel Application Frameworks
Parallel Programming Languages, Libraries, and Models
Scientific Computing
Software Engineering
TimeMonday, 18 November 20194:35pm - 5:25pm
DescriptionWith an ongoing shift towards accelerator-based architectures given the promise of improved performance per watt, the complexity of parallelizing and tuning applications is also increasing. Today's high-performance computing (HPC) developers face a serious dilemma to decide on processor architecture and parallel programming paradigm.

Software-based abstractions for accelerators give hope to lift this burden but also leave the developers spoilt for choice - from open standards over Domain-specific languages (DSLs) to proprietary approaches, and from open-source to closed-source solutions. The uncertainty surrounding the usability, portability, and interoperability of these abstractions in the future makes it unsettling for the developers. It is but imperative that we try and resolve these shortcomings for their greater adoption.

This panel hopes to work towards this resolution by bringing together standards committee, supporters, and users of these abstractions, e.g., from OpenACC, OpenMP, Kokkos or SYCL. The panelists will share their insights on the future of these abstractions - Will they converge, diverge, or will there be new approaches that would be needed? What makes a good accelerator programming model? Is there a measure for this "goodness"? The audience is also encouraged to challenge the panelists with their questions or share their insights.
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