HUST19 Panel: HPC User Tickets Discussion
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HPC Center Planning and Operations
Parallel Application Frameworks
TimeMonday, 18 November 201911:30am - 12:30pm
DescriptionThis panel discussion will focus on HPC user support tickets:
For HPC centres large and small "ticketing" systems are implement to allow the System Administrator and User support teams to track a range of service issues. This non-comprehisive list can including issues with file systems, networking, computer hardware (memory, cpu and gpu) service enhancements, new user issues, and software installation.

This is also often the only means of interaction with users who are more often than not remote to your centre. Which can give good or bad impressions on how your centre is run.
Dr. Lissa Moore and Alexandra DeLucia will give a short presentation about their experience to analyse HPC support ticket systems and develop a proof of concept tools to automate tasks around category assignments.

The panel discussion hopefully to lead to a better understanding of what are some of the better methods of handling ticket as well as some of the issues and challenges of user tickets.
Some of the areas of discussion include:
* Quality of information in the support ticket both "a priori" and "a posteriori".
* Detecting opportunities for user education
* Increasing the "knowledge base" of the users and the support staff.
* Challenges of legacy practices and adoption of new practices.
* Can we achieve Dr. Moores and Ms. DeLucia goal of modernising how HPC Support tickets to allow the creation of better tools to faster analysis and issue resolution.
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