Parallel Multigrid Methods on Manycore Clusters with IHK/McKernel
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Scalable Computing
TimeMonday, 18 November 20194:30pm - 4:50pm
DescriptionThe parallel multigrid method is expected to play an important role in large-scale scientific computing on exa-scale supercomputer systems. Previously we proposed Hierarchical Coarse Grid Aggregation (hCGA), which dramatically improved the performance of the parallel multigrid solver when the number of MPI processes was O(10^4) or more. Because hCGA can handle only two layers of parallel hierarchical levels, the computation overhead due to coarse grid solver may become significant when the number of MPI processes reaches O(10^5)- O(10^6) or more. In the present work, we propose AM-hCGA (Adaptive Multilevel hCGA) that can take into account multiple layers of three or more levels, and show preliminary results using the Oakforest-PACS (OFP) system by JCAHPC. Additionally, we also examine the impact of a lightweight multi-kernel operating system, called IHK/McKernel, for parallel multigrid solvers running on OFP.
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