Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating the Upcoming OpenSHMEM Teams API
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Parallel Application Frameworks
Parallel Programming Languages, Libraries, and Models
Scalable Computing
TimeSunday, 17 November 20192pm - 2:20pm
DescriptionFor many years, the OpenSHMEM parallel programming interface has provided a high-performance alternative to MPI that emphasizes one-sided messaging, simplifies communication across a global memory space, and bolsters the capabilities of rapidly evolving fabric interconnect technologies. The OpenSHMEM specification standardizes the library interfaces, prioritizing a performant and portable API. The specification continues to mature with vigorous support from several authoritative vendors and researchers. For example, the OpenSHMEM specification committee is actively standardizing a unique teams API that enables user-defined subsets of application processes to efficiently and productively perform communication operations, such as collectives routines, remote memory accesses, and remote atomic operations.

This paper describes the OpenSHMEM teams interface and several interesting aspects and challenges in implementing the API, as well as possible extensions that could improve the programmability and/or performance. We evaluate the performance of a preliminary implementation and show that using teams effectively can facilitate impressive improvements of collective operations at scale, even while simplifying the underlying programming model.
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