Dmitry Duplyakin
Dmitry Duplyakin is a postdoctoral researcher working in the School of Computing at the University of Utah. Dmitry’s current research revolves around the performance variability analysis that considers diverse performance measurements from research and commercial cloud computing infrastructures. In a related line of work, Dmitry has investigated design tradeoffs and operational characteristics of CloudLab, a large-scale NSF-funded testbed for cloud computing research and education. Prior to the current position, Dmitry conducted research at the University of Colorado-Boulder while working on his PhD in Computer Science. Those research efforts were focused on applying active learning techniques to designs of supercomputer experiments. In recent years, Dmitry presented his work at such conferences as USENIX ATC, USENIX OSDI, IEEE IPDPS, IEEE CLUSTER, among others. Dmitry has contributed to the work of program committees for ACM/IEEE Supercomputing, IEEE IPDPS, Euro-Par, IEEE BigData, and a number of recent cloud and systems workshops.
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