Rangan Sukumar
Rangan Sukumar is an artificial intelligence researcher who architects productive and performant data-science solutions. He serves as the Senior Analytics Architect in the CTO’s office at Cray Inc. His role is three-fold: (i) Analytics evangelist - Demonstrating what Big Data and HPC can do for data-centric organizations, (ii) Technology visionary - Designing the roadmap for analytic products through evaluation of customer requirements and aligning them with emerging hardware and software technologies, (iii) Solutions architect - Creating bleeding-edge solutions for scientific and enterprise problems in the long-tail of the Big Data market requiring scale and performance beyond what cloud computing offers. Before his role at Cray, he served as the group leader, data scientist and artificial intelligence/machine learning researcher scaling algorithms on unique super-computing infrastructures at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He has over 70 publications in areas of disparate data collection, organization, processing, integration, fusion, analysis and inference - applied to a wide variety of domains such as healthcare, social network analysis, electric grid modernization and public policy.
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