Supercomputing conference will allow me to get an opportunity to interact with peers, industry, and academic leaders in the large community of scientists and engineers. I am a member of the Cloud and Big Data Research Laboratory that is focused on various aspects of integration of Science Gateways, HPC technologies, and Big Data technologies including ease of deployment in virtualized clusters, improving and codifying best practices for gateway operations, the orchestration of Mesos, Docker, Aurora, and Marathon. It is also encouraging and motivating to speak to researchers and industry organization about my research goals. This allows me to become more aware of bottlenecks in the academic setting that are faced by researchers and organizations. As there are much emerging Big Data technologies, I seek to provide a software infrastructure for scientific experiments and simulations that can be conducted by students at all levels, researchers, and scientist in resource-starved environments where the computing infrastructure is limited as well as scientific domains. Hence, to have proper discussions about your career and how you hope to help the world around you become more aware of how research can change their lives is only one of the reasons why I would love to attend this conference.

Some of my professional goals can be listed as follows:

- HPC-CLOUD: To develop novel modules and software integration to merge science portal interfaces like Jetstream and components with the Big Data technologies such as Jetstream for use in small clusters, individual workstations, and laptops, that are available in resource-starved research groups.
- HPC-Big Data: Explore and develop alternative light-weight resource management modules while retaining the fault tolerance and high resource usage features of Big Data technologies
- Developing extensions to Apache Big Data technologies such as Mesos, Kubernetes, Marathon, Docker among others for use with Science Gateways - Adding power as a first-class scheduling parameter in Apache Mesos.
- Enabling Meta-scheduling on different NSF HPC clusters and campus clusters using Apache Mesos and Kubernetes with little to no overhead.
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