Dr. Torey Battelle has been a computational physicist at Colorado School of Mines since 2006. Torey’s PhD research there focused on modeling actinide systems, primarily the evolution of UO_2 as it undergoes fission in nuclear fuel pins, along with the behavior of the fission products Kr and Xe. She also studied the ternary CaAl_2Si_2 in the context of thermoelectric materials, teasing out the mechanisms influencing its structural preferences. Through this work, she was introduced to Ra, Mines' state-of-the-art high performance computing (HPC) resource at the time and her focus shifted to HPC. Torey has become dedicated to the emerging Research Computing movement. She contributes to its development through active collaboration with several diverse RC communities, organizations and online initiatives. Her underlying commitment is to support research and researchers by offering top quality guidance in the most current HPC environment Mines can sustain.
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