Jan is a software industry veteran. From 1987-2009, he worked at Microsoft as an engineer and later architect, on developer tools and platforms, including Visual C++, COM+, the .NET Common Language Runtime, and the Parallel Computing Platform.

Jan is also a computer architect and FPGA hacker. He built the first 32-bit RISC FPGA SOC (1995), the first FPGA RISC multiprocessor (2000), and the first kilocore 32-bit RISC SoC (2016).

Jan also designed the massively parallel machine learned scoring accelerator of the Microsoft Catapult Bing ranking system.

He now works on the GRVI Phalanx RISC-V FPGA accelerator framework and tools, and on FPGA-efficient Hoplite soft NOCs.

Jan has a B.Math (CS/EE), U.Waterloo, 1987, and over 50 US patents.
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