Amrita Dhakal Ghimire is a third-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at Mississippi State University. She has spent half a year being Teaching Assistant for the introductory programming class to over 90 students at graduate school as master’s student. She helped students learn programming through real time programming lab. Her experience as a teaching assistant and mentoring continued into her graduate study as she started working as a research assistant under her Advisor on her research and some hands-on projects related to cloud and autonomic computing, big data, and scientific computing. During her study and work she has gained confidence working in parallel computing research individually as well as in groups. Being a graduate teaching assistant and passionate educational researcher, she developed a new passion of improving the quality of teaching through pedagogical research. Therefore, decided to focus her research on parallel and distributed computing (PDC) education so that she can help undergraduates get exposure to PDC concepts. Therefore, she is committed to focus in research and finish her Ph.D. with pride.
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