Anja is employed at the Center for Scientific Computing in Frankfurt and is doing her PhD in Hamburg at the German Climate Computing Center. In Frankfurt she is responsible for the Goethe-HLR and FUCHS cluster at Goethe University, as a member at the Hessian Competence Center for High Performance Computing (HKHLR) for the location of Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.
I have used my experiences from the master’s thesis to help users with their programs and to optimize and improve them. My duties at CSC have been, among others, to monitor and to optimize the usage of the cluster. The task of HKHLR is the provision of services in the field of High Performance Computing with the goal to help scientists from the Universities of Hesse.
In my job I develop different introductory courses, which helps the users to work easier with the cluster. The reference guides for the clusters, which I created for them are very useful. I have created a bunch of such reference guides: C++ programming language, MPI and likwid profiler. Also invited experts present different HPC topics at our university. These courses are very beneficial for our cluster users.

Performance optimization was very exciting, which in turn drew her closer to HPC after her bachelor in computer science. She did her master in HPC and did a performance analysis with hardware performance counters on C++ code. She organized during her study different events like IT-Girls Night and Night of Science. As a student she was volunteering in university politics.

After finishing her study in computer science she started studying physics, where she got a member of the Equalization Council of Physics. As a physic student she is now responsible for Girls’ Day and is planning to organize a Physics-Girls Night, to inspire girls for physics.

2017 she joined the organization team of the international conference I,Scientist in Berlin. The conference is designed by and for students and young researchers in the natural sciences and mathematics. Our mission is to increase the visibility of female role models, introduce you to a variety of career options, and give you a dedicated time for networking and establishing useful contacts.
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