Steve Scott
Steve Scott is Cray’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, responsible for guiding the long-term technical direction of Cray’s supercomputing, storage, and analytics products. Dr. Scott rejoined Cray in 2014 after serving as principal engineer in the platforms group at Google and before that as the SVP and CTO for NVIDIA’s Tesla business unit. Dr. Scott first joined Cray in 1992, where he was the chief architect of several Cray supercomputers and interconnects. Dr. Scott is a noted expert in high performance computer architecture and interconnection networks. He holds 35 U.S. patents in the areas of interconnection networks, cache coherence, synchronization mechanisms and scalable parallel architectures. He received the 2005 ACM Maurice Wilkes Award and the 2005 IEEE Seymour Cray Computer Engineering Award, and is a Fellow of IEEE and ACM. Dr. Scott was named to HPCwire’s “People to Watch in High Performance Computing” in 2012 and 2005.
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