In 2001, I left Miami University where I went from supporting networks to supporting researchers and joined Clemson to work on the AuthServ project (Identity Management / beginning of Omnibond). While working on the AuthServ / Omnibond project was also asked to be Executive Director of Computing Systems and Operations for Jim Bottum. Over the years, I worked with Jim Pepin, Barr von Oehsen, Randy Martin, many other great people to help take Clemson from a failing UPS system to 3.5MW data and operations center. A successful project, the Palmetto Cluster, ultimately helped empower researchers. My last position at Clemson was Software CTO, eventually I left to work with Omnibond full time, to continue to support IDM as well as new ventures: making roadways safer with Computer Vision, Parallel Computation and AI with TrafficVision. Helping to broaden the reach of computational research and science with OrangeFS and CloudyCluster.
Big Data
Computational Science
Data Analytics
Data Management
Societal Challenges
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